LARK - a 1974 Bristol 27

Spring 2016: time to re-build & install the drive system and ...

August (well, actually, September):
   *  2016.09.03: This season of sailing has been a very few weeks but it has been one of getting my sea legs back & sailing solo. It has been a summer of getting everything I set out to accomplish; accomplished. And while not enough time sailing </smile> ... a splendid bunch of it!

   *  2016.07.14: Decision made — this Bristol 27 is LARK.

   *  2016.07.03: rebuilt drivetrain back in boat

   *  2016.06.30: some times ... a short movie is worth more than any number of words: P-60 running

   *  2016.06.27: Ever since September 2014 when I first poured over pictures of SHADOWFAX, then visited her in November, and, began to put together plans of how I'd purchase her, I've known that, if she were mine, I would paint her black and rename her. But, what?!?
Initially, I settled on LARK (or, possibly WREN) — bird names that felt about right. But, was it too cute to have the additional meaning of LARK as "a merry, carefree adventure"? Maybe. So I cast about for something more "solid" and have considered: "ONYX - black, especially a pure or jet black" as her name. But now, as I see her freshly painted, I know I must finalize her name and I find ONYX perhaps too "harsh". Decision pending...

   *  work on the prop shaft coupling, output flange, and dripless shaft seal — many images so may load slowly

   *  fresh paint