LARK - a 1974 Bristol 27

2017: ✓ Engine and drivetrain complete;
now, for a few creature comforts
and lots of sailing.
Alas, the 2017 season became all kinds of other responsibilities and LARK floated on her mooring with bare poles. I have great hopes for a productive Winter and another early Spring launch in 2018.

Spring ToDo:
  • make boat tidy for cabin cleaning and fresh paint (while ignoring mess moved to house)
  • wash and repair sails
  • inventory charts
  • add mount for ipad / iNavX
  • install new depth finder
  • add 12-volt receptacle(s)
  • ...
  • reinstall garboard drain plug!

Launch date: May 23 - Rockport, Maine.

2017.05.07: begin moving *everything* out - lots and lots of trips up and down the ladder; <sigh />

2017.04.22: Spring commissioning begins