LARK - a 1974 Bristol 27

Spring 2018:

  • odds 'n' ends checked before launch:
    ✓ lights and connections on mast
    ✓ garboard / keel plug
    ✓ inventory boat toolbox (need inventory list)
    ✓ change filter and oil if not changed once hauled in Fall (changed Fall of 2017)
    ✓ run engine

    Engine ran fine before launch (although I clearly didn't run it long enough) but failed at mooring at Rockport Marine. One battery was dead so had charged, checked, and found plenty of spark (although I saw small flash along sternmost spark plug wire). I *had checked* gas tank and pumped out about a gallon of gas to check for water but (omg!) mistook mostly water for gas — what was I thinking?: While non-ethanol gas is clear and closer to oderless, regular gasoline, even with additive, is sickly yellow and smells strong after a year in the tank. (btw - all fuel will now be pumped out of tank each Fall!) Getting off mooring and back to South End involved tow (expensive but covered by SeaTow). Before tow, I hand pumped all gas out of tank and hand carried almost 9 gallons of water / fuel off. Then, added 3 gallons back in. Finding oil cloudy, I changed filter and oil twice (hoping the cloudiness was from water in fuel slipping passed the cylinders as I cranked the starter, and, !not! the head gasket failed again). Still couldn't get my P-60 to run, but the oil remained clear, so $750 tow. Once back to South End, I replaced weak battery with new (need to document!) and had my brother, John, come check out system with me. We greased the choke cable that preferred to stick open; John built new, high-performance spark plug wires (add image! and document); and, we replaced the spark plugs with new. These changes made the difference needed. Once again I have a smooth running, dependable engine! And, once again, with thanks to my brother!

  • work through list from Spring 2017 that got lost in a rough shuffle:
    • document maintenance procedures and parts list for engine and reverse gear
    • add mount for ipad / iNavX
    • install new depth finder
    • add 12-volt receptacle(s)
    • send compass off for repair