LARK - a 1974 Bristol 27

Notes on Engine and Reverse Gear

Palmer P-60:
another item from 2017 ToDo list: document maintenance procedures and parts list for engine and reverse gear (add in notes from previous owner's log) & make cheat-sheet for starting engine



      Spring — start engine:
    • bring:
      • garden hose - 50 ft.
      • fresh fuel
      • battery charger and electrical cord (length?)
    • check fuel tank: if not empty, completely pump out because likely water in tank, then added fresh gasoline
    • check oil color and level
    • change oil filter & oil
    • check level of transmission (aka - OXKB reverse gear) oil (same as engine oil); top up if necessary
    • change fuel filter
    • connect batteries (before, top up charge if possible)
    • start engine; check water coming from stern; and run until warm
    • immediately after first run of engine: check oil again to make sure no water in oil
    • open valve to shaft seal (close after launch!)
    • *****

      Spring — other tasks (not ordered, yet):
    • check through hulls: open; grease with ??; close
    • reinstall garboard plug: add locktite threadlocker blue 242 REMOVABLE (in document box). Do not over tighten!
    • *****

      Spring — other tasks 2019 specific:
    • repair water tank and plumbing to galley
    • re-install composting head
    • replace fuel filter including new reservoir at base (need part number!)

    • FALL


      Fall — winterize:
    • bring:
      • garden hose - 50 ft.
      • 4 gallons of rv anti-freeze
      • winterizing kit (i.e. tank set-up for antifreeze)
    • *****

      Fall — check inventory for Spring maintenance:
    • replace as needed (add details!):
      • spare oil filter (or two) and 5 Qt. SAE 30 non-detergent oil (engine when drained takes 3 Qt.)
      • spare fuel filter (or two)
      • spare distributor cap & spark plugs
      • alternator belt
      • peat blocks for composting head