LARK - a 1974 Bristol 27

Winter into Spring 2019:
Extremely cold, open Winter seems to be behind us. Now working on tasks not completed last season:

    • add mount for ipad / iNavX
    • install new depth finder
    • add 12-volt receptacle(s)
  • March & April 2019 - Compass off for repair and back — Young's Maritime Services, LLC., East Wakefield, NH 03830 (NB: install)
  • Sails?: Genoa (that previous owner noted as needing replacement in 2015!) ripped badly at spreaders early last season. Ran with small jib remainder of the season. This sail appears to be original but very serviceable; it's easier and more efficient to handle in winds that ramp-up almost every afternoon. Either way, all (maybe not Genoa) sails should go to sail loft for repair and evaluation this Spring. (NB: add report)
  • Anchor setup needs to be reconsidered. “Lunch-hook” needs to be first-line anchor hanging from bow rail with rocna lashed to deck(?) - ready to deploy.
  • Alcohol stove in galley is a pleasure to cook on but needs an overhaul. (NB post & link manual when found)
  • Documentation started last season

April 17, 2019